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string_split_tag(str,tag) - Pseudo-XML parser script. Works well when stripping data between tags using GM:S's asynchronous functions.


    String Splitting
    Author: Zack Banack
    May 8, 2015
    Returns the string between two tags if they
    exist, otherwise, returns an empty string.
        str - String type, the string to split
        tag - String type, the name of the tag
        String type, the string between the two tags
    ex: string_split_tag("<text>This is a sentence.</text>","text");
    ex. ret: "This is a sentence."

var symbolOpen = chr(60); // open angled bracket
var symbolClose = chr(62); // closed angeled bracket
var symbolSlash = chr(47); // forward slash
var del1 = string(symbolOpen) + string(argument1) + string(symbolClose); // generate the opening tag
var del2 = string_insert(string(symbolSlash), del1, 2); // insert the slash for closing tag

// check if the tags exist within the string
if (string_pos(del1, argument0) != 0 && string_pos(del2, argument0) != 0) {
    // return the content between the two tags
    return string_copy(argument0, (string_pos(del1, argument0)) + string_length(del1),
     (string_pos(del2, argument0)) - (string_pos(del1, argument0) + string_length(del1)));

return ""; // return an empty string