I've personally developed and released over 50 projects since 2008 (several of which have been removed from the Web entirely). I have dozens of unfinished, unreleased, and abandoned projects that will, sadly, never see the light of day. I'll occasionally cover some of these game in my blog. This page is still under construction, and will be updated with my new projects, descriptions, and more images.

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Afterbox is an upcoming data preservation and inheritance service to house user's meaningful and sensitive information which is too often lost over time and through passing. Check out the official website at


My mobile games are published under Snorkel Dork. The images below will take you to each game's website, if available, or their iTunes Store page, where you can read more about them and check out screenshots and read reviews.


Simple, more relaxed games that you can play in most modern browsers and on mobile devices. Don't expect anything too fancy, these are mostly afternoon projects.


Below are images, linking to a host (Game Jolt or the YoYo Games Sandbox), of all the games I've uploaded over the years. Click a picture to read more about the game, view additional screenshots, read reviews, and download. These games are not in any particular order, but rather slightly mixed around chronologically to keep the entertainment levels diverse and themes mixed.


I just barely dipped my toes into Flash development. I doubt I'll get back into it as it's greatly dying out (and for good reasons). If I do any more web games, they'll most likely be written in HTML5. Clicking an image will take you to the respective game's page where you can play it, read about about, and check out what other people think of it.


A project being "lost" refers to it no longer being available publically online. It also means that I no longer have the executables nor source files.

  • Redd (2009, arena shooter)
  • Effects (2008, shmup)
  • Trilogyz Beta (2008-2009, RPG)
  • Plush (2008, puzzle game)
  • Plush 2 (2008, puzzle game)
  • Swing! (2009, colorful shmup)
  • Mechanics (2008, retro shmup)


These are projects that were in mid- or late-development which I decided to pull the plug on.

  • Whiteout Watch (2014, Utility)
    • A mobile application which creativity analyzed weather to determine the probability of a snow day (class cancellation due to severe snowy weather) in a given school district. This won me the 2014 TACNY Student Technologist of the Year award.
  • TimeStill III (2011, platform puzzler)
  • Drop to the Top (2013, arcade)
  • Tuxedo Moon (2011, platformer)
  • Hypnotic Love Ballad (2011, cartoon adventure platformer)
  • It Takes a Hero II (2009, action platformer)
  • 10 Minute Indie (2012, simulator)
  • Paper Nightmares (2012, shmup)
  • 9cloud (2011, platform puzzler)


These are projects that are currently in production. Whether or not they end up being released is something else entirely.

  • Afterbox (2016 - 2017, data preservation and inheritence application)
  • Fire With a Riot 2 (2016 - 2017, arcade shooter)
  • Splitra (2013 - 2015, mobile utility)
  • Universtudy (2015, mobile utility/social network)
  • Roomie (2014 - 2015, mobile utility)
  • Puzzz (2014 - 2015, mobile puzzle game)