Highlights of a decade’s worth of my passion projects

2020 Colors
  January 2019 - Present
2020 Colors is a free, comprehensive online color encyclopedia. It stands out by incorporating brand usage, color psychology and theory, how colors appear in different environments, and unique page renderings for over 16,000,000 colors!

Start exploring colors on one of the most feature-complete color encyclopedias.

2020 Colors: Your knowledge base for all things color.

In-development (September 2018)
A dependency-free GameMaker Language syntax highlighter, code pretty-printer, and docs-linker for GM developer’s websites and blogs.

Built for The Step Event.

GameMaker Language syntax highlighter for JavaScript

The Step Event
  April 2018 - Present
The Step Event produces YouTube videos, coding snippets, and resources for beginner- and intermediate-level game developers. I’m creating what I wish existed when I was just starting out.

Read more about this project on the official The Step Event website.

The Step Event: GameMaker resources and tips

Afterbox: Define your legacy
  On-off development since 2016
Preserve the meaningful and personal information of your daily life.

Hand-select the Guardians - trusted friends and family - who should inherit this information only when something happens to you.

Read more about this project on the official Afterbox website.

Crypto Tab Tracker
  January 2018
Displays the real-time USD value of cryptocurrencies in a browser tab. Surf the web and stay up-to-date on your favorite coin using just a simple glance.

This project makes heavy use of Coin Market Cap's API.

Check out the Crypto Tab Tracker Github repo.

BTC cryptocurrency

Lndry: If it's shakin', it's taken
  January - February 2018

Ldnry (pronounced “laundry”) was the first place winner of the Brick Hack 4 “Internet of Things” hackathon category. Read the winning devpost.

A real-time, scalable, non-crowdsourced washer and dryer availability statuses for laundromats at the Rochester Institute of Technology and beyond.

Lndry uses motion detection packaged in an adorable 3D-printed mini-washer machine to deliver real-time availability statuses on iOS and Android for individual washer and dryer machines.

I developed Lndry for my first-ever hackathon. I wrote a Medium article detailing my experiences, what I learned, and what I’ll be sure to do differently in the future.

A 24 timelapse .gif of my work on the front-end development of Ldnry.

A 24 timelapse .gif of my work on the front-end development of Ldnry.


Whiteout Watch
December 2013 - April 2014
An iOS application that analyzed weather data using a hand-crafted algorithm and the Yahoo! Weather API to give the probability of snow days in given school districts.

Enjoyed by tens of thousands of students on the east coast, Whiteout Watch earned me the Student Technologist of the Year award from the Technology Alliance of Central New York.