Free GameMaker tutorials, engines, and open source projects

I make free GameMaker: Studio 1.4 and GameMaker Studio 2 content for developers to use in games of their own. I share my knowledge of GameMaker because the software holds a special place in my heart. An older version of the software, GameMaker 7, got me interested in programming at the age of 12. Whether you want to learn how to make video games or are a seasoned game maker, I hope I teach you something new!

The YoYo Games’ GameMaker line of products can be quite powerful, despite the rather simplistic name. Some of my tutorials push the limits of the software. For example, I have tutorials on adding spell checking and two-dimensional water to your games. If you want to try something easier, check out my Introduction to Lengthdir or Fake 3D Coin Spinning tutorials.

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