Lumberjerk Sneak Peek!

A mean lumberjack, the Lumberjerk

Earlier today I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel showcasing the menu of my gritty, upcoming indie game, Lumberjerk. I love making hideous-looking, trashy experimental games. This artistic mean allows me to be expressive through excessiveness and create something which would never make it as a triple-A title in today's gaming industry.

Lumberjerk is still in its prototyping stages, but I've been making swift progress amidst school and work. I won't reveal the gameplay mechanics until I'm satisfied showing them off, but what I have at the moment is different from any other game I've made before. It's exciting to branch (hah, tree puns) out and try something new, especially when I haven't been too off-kilter with my releases over the past several years.

I'm already thinking about the soundtrack in this game as it's something which is crucial to nail in a project like this one. I've been shopping around for artists who I feel can create sounds as beautifully ugly as the visuals.

It would be a lot of fun (and make for interesting content) if I were to document the development of Lumberjerk here on my blog as it's something I've never really done before with a game. So, stay tuned for more! Also, I've been semi-active on YouTube lately, so subscribe to me on there if you wish to see random, mostly game dev-related, videos.