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Welcome to my online portfolio! Here, you will find the accumulation of work I've done as a hobbyist-turned-freelance developer, programmer, and entrepreneur over the past nine years. I'm currently a 21-year-old who is studying Business Administration at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In my spare time, I make games and applications which oftentimes draw inspiration from the 8-bit era. Whether it be for entertainment or utility, I'm always wrapped up in new and exciting projects.

Since 2008, my creations have been collectively downloaded over 2,000,000 times, opening new and fascinating doors for me. In 2014, I was named TANCY's "Student Technologist of the Year" due to the success of my mobile snow day predictor, Whiteout Watch. I have even been fortunate enough to work with several world-renowned companies.

My current, ambitious project is Afterbox, a data preservation and inheritance service.

Psst! Developers, be sure to check out my blog for tutorials and resources. If you are interested in outsourcing or hiring me, take a look at my resume and let's get in touch.